We will skip the CSA pick up this week because of weather-related crop losses

No CSA pick up this week (April 13th)
We’ll be back on April 20th

In an unprecedented, never before experienced moment I’ve decided to skip this week’s harvest and let the tiny plants grow a little bit bigger before we give them out in a share.  I wanted to be sure that we could give everyone a good share and not spread thin a smaller amount of items because of the losses we’ve all had.

I sent a note with the deliveries this week, and posted a message on the board at the ECAC pick up. But as promised and especially for everyone who missed the first pick up, I’m following up with this post and email.

The weather related issues we’re facing this month happened in March, and I had hoped we could recover the losses by early April but it was clear last week that this was not possible. When I called Gale to check on the egg delivery and the status of early spring greens in her high tunnel and fields, I was surprised to learn that the chickens had stopped laying when the freezing temps returned and only the week before had begun laying again. She won’t be able to bring us our regular delivery of eggs until next week. And all of her vegetables are behind schedule. When we spoke, I was reminded of the visit we made to her farm in February 2016, that’s the photo above. Gosh that day was warmer than some of our cold times in March 2017. Poor chickens!

Well, poor us. I know. But last week’s lettuce and spinach will hopefully hold you over until April 20th.

I staffed the ECAC pick up last week, along with Hendrik, Cristina, and JuJu Harris who made a salad dressing to accompany all of the greens and gave out samples as well. It was a lot of fun, very celebratory to see everyone again after the long winter. And I want to say thanks to everyone who didn’t even bat an eye when I told you we would have to skip the second week. Hearing the realities of what happens to our food source when we get these up and down temperature swings is something you signed up for when you joined a CSA. Although I know in theory that this is true, announcing a skip week is still hard. So thanks so much to everyone who gave us love last week. That love is fueling us through this crunch time.

I’ll poll folks later in the season to see if you want a bonus share during the last week (the week before thanksgiving) or if you’d want to come back and receive a share in early December. For now, we’re super focused on still working dawn to dusk to catch up and not lose any more time.

If you have a spring share, your bonus week will be the first week in the summer session.

See you on April 20th.