2020 CSA

The 2020 vegetable CSA is a collaboration between Three Part Harmony Farm (located in Washington DC) and Deep Roots Farm (in Brandywine, MD.) Fruit and other add ons come from partner farms that use sustainable growing practices.

photo by Anna Meyer

All spots in the summer and fall CSAs will be filled by existing CSA members. We regret to inform you that there will not be room to add additional members this year.

photo by Anna Meyer

Customizable CSA
This year we are trying something new. It’s an online ordering system that allows you to customize your share and opt for add-ons when available.  

How do you use the software program?
We tested it out and it is pretty user friendly. It will be like shopping online, but with specific parameters that you’re mainly choosing vegetables from an available seasonal list. If you have questions you can contact us.

Instructions for customizing your share
Each week by Monday at 10 pm (for Wednesday pick up) or Thursday by 10 pm (for Saturday pick up), you’ll need to go into your account and customize your share OR by default you will receive my favorite items that week.

We as the farmers will enter our projected harvest so that only the seasonal options will appear. For example, in May we will not have tomatoes so that won’t be on the list. By August we will not have salad radishes anymore, but we will have zucchini.

photo by Anna Meyer

Being able to customize your share still does not mean that you can always pick whatever you want. We are still not the grocery store that gets deliveries from parts unknown all over the world. We are still growing vegetables organically in this climate and that absolutely will dictate what we can offer when.

There will be restrictions on vegetables when we don’t have enough for everyone to take as many as they want. In order to be fair, we might activate a setting that allows you to only take 1 of an item or 2 max, depending on what it is. A limit on an item one week does not mean it will be limited all of the weeks. Limitations on our total harvests are quite typical when an item is just beginning to be harvested, in other words when that vegetable has not reached its peak. This will not be different than any other year that you have been in the CSA before: you remember how it always goes the first week we have sun gold tomatoes or strawberries for example, I always ask you to only take one. This will be the same except it will all be happening on your computer or phone.

I won’t say more on that because I think it will be self explanatory once you start using the program. Frankly you all are more likely to get the gist of this online CSA ordering thing than I would if I were the customer!

photo by Anna Meyer

What do I do with my boxes, egg cartons, bags, seedling pots, rubberbands, etc.?

Box collection will happen once a month for the Wednesday porches (the last Wed of the month.) If you pick up at one of the farmer’s markets on Saturday you are welcome to either bring your own bag to the market and leave the box or bring your box back another week. Due to the coronavirus, we are not collecting **anything else** this season.

What do I do when I’m out of town or can’t make the pick up?
You are always welcome to send someone else to pick up your share. If you are picking up at one of the porches, please do not arrive after 8 pm. Please also make sure that whoever you send knows that the gracious host has been instructed to gather any unclaimed shares promptly at 8 pm.

If you know in advance that you can’t make it, you can opt to pick up on a Saturday instead at one of the markets either Mt Pleasant (I assume that’s what most of you will do) or H Street NE.

photo by Anna Meyer

Sliding scale payment
This year we are asking CSA members to give an additional donation if you are able.

Due to the coronavirus, our farms have already spent a lot more money on cleaning and sanitizing supplies as well as gloves than we did in previous years. We’re obviously taking a lot of extra precautions. Everyone is using more packing materials now, which is unfortunate but it is safer. In order to shore up our inventory of supplies we wanted to ask all members to consider a sliding scale payment plan this year. If you would like to add some additional money on top of the price you’re paying for your share to help us cover:

– the extra gloves, hand sanitizer, bleach, etc.
– extra bags and boxes to help keep the shares packaged nicely and separate from each other
– the distribution of shares to those who have been economically impacted due to coronavirus

then we invite you to make a donation here on our website. I have no doubt that we can raise enough money from those of you who are able to not have to raise our price this year.

And thank you to everyone who has already donated!