Donate to support urban farming in DC

It’s through your generosity that Three Part Harmony Farm has trained DC residents in sustainable urban farming, supported new farms and farmers in the DC, MD, VA area (the DMV), and Black and People of Color owned farms throughout the US and Puerto Rico. Regenerative small farming not only emits less greenhouse gases than industrial agriculture, but also has the potential to reverse climate changeYour continued support will create access to fresh produce in some of DC’s highest need communities. With your backing, we are building a more viable and just local food system, while at the same time dismantling racism and the ever present, entrenched forms of oppression in that same food system.

Your contribution can make a big difference to our work. There are a variety of ways to financially support Three Part Harmony Farm:

  • Mail a check made out to Three Part Harmony Farm. Our address is Three Part Harmony Farm, PO Box 53059, Washington, DC 20009
  • Set up a reoccurring donation through a direct transfer from your checking or savings account, or via Paypal. In this way a small regular donation can make a big difference over time.

Whatever the form of your gift, you will be making a wonderful investment in DC’s local sustainable food production, and in the vibrant Three Part Harmony Farm community. Donations to Three Part Harmony Farm are not tax deductible as charitable contributions.

If you have any questions, please contact Three Part Harmony Farm founder Gail Taylor at 202-427-7146 or