Growing a City: Gail Taylor, Part 1

Drive down 4th Street N.E. in Washington, D.C., a fairly active street near Catholic University, and it might be easy not to notice the thriving farm behind a chain-link fence. It’s Three Part Harmony Farm run by Gail Taylor, a key player in the D.C. urban farming scene. The farm’s name defines its core values: Food as medicine, Food as culture, and Food for our future.

Three Part Harmony is a production farm that grows vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers primarily for its 100-member CSA and a farmer’s market. The farm itself, two acres boarded by trees on three sides and the street, feels like a sacred space. Gail has said that a huge number of people have come to work on her farm and find solace by getting their hands in the dirt. When you are there, you can almost forget that you are in the city, thanks to the chirping birds and the still sound of vegetables growing. There’s a feeling of peace on this farm that draws comment from all visitors. Something special is happening on this little plot of land, and it’s all part of Gail’s plan.

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