Important CSA Info like what time is the pick up and what do I do with my box

Masks are required for the porch pick ups, regardless of whether or not you have been vaccinated.  If you or someone in your household is sick due to COVID-19, please do not come to pick up your own share. Please contact Gail and we will figure something out. We do not have the capacity to make home deliveries, but I can help figure out a solution.

Important pick up reminders:

  1. The window is unfortunately not flexible.

Tuesday pick ups are between 5 – 8

Saturday pick up is between 9 – 1

If you find yourself running 3 – 5 min late it is probably not a big deal. But more than that and we have already begun to clean up for the day.

2. Missed shares are donated. The left over boxes do not go back to the farm so I can’t let you pick it up there on a different day. Our lease agreement does not allow us to do CSA pick ups at the farm otherwise we would do that instead of loading a vehicle twice a week and going somewhere else.

What happens if you:

  • go out of town?
  • get stuck late at work?
  • forgot that it was CSA pick up day?

You can rest easily that night knowing that your box was given to someone who needs it and couldn’t buy one themselves. Thanks to the generous volunteer work of our pick up hosts and the Ward 5 Mutual Aid group, no veggies end up in the compost pile!

If you don’t want to donate it, you can always send someone else.

Saturday exception: If your pick up is on Saturday at the Annie’s Ace Hardware, you can use the google form to skip up to four shares per year and move that box forward to the last week. You must fill out the form by Wednesday at 10 pm to skip.

3. What to do with your boxes, bags, rubber bands, pots, compost

For the Tuesday members, you MUST TAKE THE BOX WITH YOU no exceptions. I will pick up the boxes on the last Tuesday of the month.

If you pick up on Saturdays, you can bring your rubber bands (loose please) for use in our flower bunching. You will be able to pack your share this year in your own reusable bags if you wish to cut down on plastic bags.

I will take back pots but only if they came from me OR they are mine or the same size.

Compost is collected on Saturdays at the Annie’s Ace Hardware pick up. I will have a bucket and take it back to the farm with me after the pick up. If you pick up your share on Wednesdays but want to bring your compost to us, that is fine. Do know that many farmer’s markets have free compost collection though and I imagine that it is more convenient for you to go to Columbia Heights or Mt Pleasant.

Compost rules – no meat, dairy, bread, oil, processed or cooked food. No plastic, no labels, no rubber bands or twist ties. Please put it in the freezer if it is more than 1 week old. Examples: Yes to uneaten salad if it is undressed. No to corn cobs if you put butter on them.