Multi Farm CSA

Dicot Farm

Farmers Erik and Meghan

Dicot Farm grows Certified Organic vegetables in Waldorf, MD

Our goal is to provide nutrient-dense foods to our neighbors to help them become healthier and happier, and create a more equitable and engaged community.

We are Certified Organic, but we consider our personal standards and ethics to be more conscientious than the National Organic Program. We believe in creating a harmonious ecosystem on our farm by increasing biodiversity, choosing renewable natural resources, and using less petroleum-based materials. We are building our land’s fertility using soil conservation practices including cover cropping, rotational grazing, reduced tillage, and stewardship of the soil food web.

Little Red Bird Botanicals

Little Red Bird Herbal CSA is a Washington DC-based herbal medicine and education project. The CSA provide locally grown and respectfully wild-harvested herbs and education about the medicinal plants that grow around us. Led by herbalist Holly Poole-Kavana since 2010, the intentions of the CSA are to create deep connections with plants in our ecosystem and to build our communities’ capacity for healing.

Rainbow Hill Farm

Rainbow Hill Organic Farm is a woman owned and operated USDA Certified Organic farm located in historic Charles Town, West Virginia. Rainbow Hill offers a large assortment of crops including organic vegetables, fruits, herbs, eggs, and flowers for sale through their community supported agriculture program (CSA) and at farmers market, local restaurants, and grocery stores. We grow our crops using compost and cover crops for soil fertility and consider our crop diversity our best form of pest and disease control. Our primary goal is to provide fresh locally grown organic and affordable produce to our community using methods that sustain the land as well as the human spirit.