Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Community Supported Agriculture is an alternative locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. It’s a relationship between the community and the farmer. Members pay at the onset of the growing season to pick up a share of the harvest every week. Selling our produce before the season allows us to focus on the actual farm work. You gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing how and where your food is grown.

This year you additionally gain the peace of mind knowing that we are following strict protocols on food safety, and keeping strict limited contact policies in place to decrease (hopefully eliminate) coronavirus coming into contact with any surfaces that will make it into your kitchen.

spring share 2019 (photo by Tyler Grigsby)

The 2021 CSA season. Click here for more details if you are a current CSA member.

The 2021 season will go from May – November.

The season is divided between spring, summer and fall sessions. SPRING session is from May 8 – June 26 (8 wks = $240) SUMMER session is from July 10 – August 28 (8 wks = $240) FALL session is Sept 4 – Nov 6 (10 wks = $300) Shares average 9 items per week combining what was previously a single or family size share into one option this year.

Click here for more info on past seasons shares.

Erica displays a sample share in 2018 (photo by Tyler Grigsby)

What to expect from your CSA Share

We grow produce that thrives in this region, and that is suitable for intensive growing on a small scale. We have 1/2 acre of vegetables on a 2 acre plot.

That means in the spring and fall we grow a lot of greens and roots. To keep it exciting, we have many variations on salad greens and cooking greens in the mustard family plus lettuces, pea shoots, and spinach. To change things up and make dinner exciting, you might see pea shoots in the salad mix and definitely sweet potato greens when it gets too hot for lettuce.

A sample share spring 2017 (photo Tyler Grigsby)

Our sister farm, Deep Roots Farm in Brandywine, MD supplies many of the summer favorites such as tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, and hot peppers. Both farms grow garlic, okra, potatoes, cucumbers, beans and summer squash.

Our goal is to give you enough produce to eat dinner at home 3 – 4 nights a week, depending on how many vegetables you use in each meal and depending on how many people you cook for each time (and whether or not you make extra for lunch the next day.)


Carrots on the market table! (photo by Tyler Grigsby)

Another important goal for us is that you are happy with the variety of produce you receive, keeping in mind the restrictions our climate gives us, and that you are content with the number of culinary challenges we present to you each season as we give you vegetables you’ve never seen before or heard of! We hope to build a relationship of trust, and encourage you to try everything at least once.

Here are some sample shares:

First week of June:
1 bunch of kale
1 bunch komatsuna summerfest (a mustard that can be cooked like cabbage)
1 bag leaf lettuce
2 heads romaine lettuce
1 pound snap peas
1 pound garlic scapes
Choose 3 items: seedlings, bunches of fresh herbs, bag of lambs’ quarters, bunch of radishes, quart of fava beans

Last week of July:
4 pounds, total combined: tomatoes, green beans, kale
Choose 6 items: 3 heads of garlic; 1/2# bag of parsley; 1 gallon bag of fresh basil; 1/2# bag shelled cowpeas; tins of dried herbs; bunch of carrots

Last week of September:
4 pounds total, combined: sunchokes, green peppers, eggplant, okra, green tomatoes
Choose 6 items: butternut squash; bunches of greens; 1/2# bag beans; 2# bag sweet potatoes; bunch of celeriac; quart of ripe tomatoes; tins of dried herbs, teas and hibiscus


Check out these CSA member reviews:Best of DC Community Supported Agriculture CSA

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