2021 Saturday CSA Member Portal

Saturday Annie’s Ace Hardware 9 – 1 pick up is semi-customizable

You won’t be able to get whatever you want, but I will offer as much flexibility as possible so that you can always skip your least favorite veg.

Use this google form each week to choose 9 items. Beginning each week on Monday morning with a deadline of filling out the form on Wednesdays by 10 pm.

You can skip a week and choose to get that box during the bonus pick up on Saturday, November 20.

I am in the process of working out how the Saturday share ordering process will go this year. We said goodbye to the expensive software platform and said hello to a free google form. I know that I will do a better job than the software however I don’t promise that we won’t have a learning curve in the first week or two.


Ordering more than one of the same thing

The only way you can get two kale bunches or two bags of arugula will be if you choose that item twice in the list. If it is not listed more than once, that means we don’t have enough for anyone to get two. That will happen a lot in the beginning, then later not so much.

Count your choices to make sure that you only have 9

If you get excited about all of the options and choose too many, I’ll have to do like last year and cut out some at that end of my own choosing. You’ll get another chance to have those items in your box.

Thank you for your sense of humor

Thank you in advance for your sense of humor. I haven’t tried something this new in a long time. Our team did a rock star job last year printing labels and filling customized boxes, with very few mistakes considering all of the variables. I think once I get over the learning curve of the new technology we will be off to the races! I appreciate you all giving me feedback and bearing with the changes the first week or two.