2015 CSA

We’re part of a multi farm CSA that has a Thursday night pick up at the International Capoeira Angola Foundation (FICA) located at the Emergence Community Arts Collective (ECAC) in Shaw near Howard University.

DSC00767What is Community Supported Agriculture?

Community Supported Agriculture, or CSA, is a partnership between the producer and the consumer. There are many different ways to set up a CSA, so we’ll focus on describing the one we adhere to: (You) the community sign up in advance to receive an entire season’s worth of farm goods and make a monetary contribution to seal the deal. In return, (we) the farmer (s) get a little breathing room because we can buy our supplies and hire workers knowing that the minimum finances of the business are taken care of.

What happens after that can only be described as a fun-filled adventure! We grow, forage, and prepare for you nutritious and local goodies for your family, aiming to give you enough produce and other items to make a few meals at home each week while supplementing with the occasional eating out and farmer’s market purchases.

If being a conscious consumer is important to you, joining a CSA can help because we do a lot of the research and thinking for you, bringing our expertise to the “grocery cart” each week. Check out this video to hear more.

There are many different CSA arrangements, but generally the customer pays the farm in advance for a share of the harvest, thus becoming a member or shareholder of the farm. The partnership allows the farmer to provide members with a wide variety of fresh and local produce while receiving much needed early season income.  By joining, each member makes a commitment to support the farm and share the costs of production and the risks of crop failures. Members establish a connection with the food they eat, the land where it is grown, and the people who produce it.  In return, the farmer commits to do their best to provide each member with a weekly share of the harvest throughout the growing season.

For more information on CSA’s, take a look at www.localharvest.org/csa .