Three Part Harmony Farm CSA

We invite you to join us this year!


Emil and Zachari at the pick up (photo by Kenny)

Thanks so much for your interest in joining us this season.

Please click here to fill out a form.

We usually sign up members for our CSA (community supported agriculture) program in the winter. If you are reading this page during the April – December season, it is better to email us directly: info at

The CSA (community supported agriculture) program asks members of the community to make a financial investment in your neighborhood farm to support what we do. In turn we invite you to receive fresh, seasonal, locally grown produce from the beginning of April through the middle of November. The pick up is from 5 – 8 pm on Thursdays at a community center near Howard University.

We set up the distribution for a 33-week period. When you join, you get a punch card with 23 spots on it so that you can skip any 10 weeks during the season and not miss any shares.

New this year! You can opt to buy the spring, summer and fall season shares in separate installments. We’ll give you a punch card with 8 slots on it for the spring (april and may), 12 slots in the summer (june, july and august) and 12 slots in the fall (september, october and november) season. Please note that for the spring and fall seasons there are no skip weeks. For the summer season there is one skip week. Each season specific share will be sold during the appropriate time, so for example we’ll be signing up members for the spring season now.

Because the community supported agriculture model is so instrumental in financially securing our farm and assuring that we will be able to keep our financial commitments to the workers and suppliers, we encourage you to sign up for the full season if you can. There is a slight discount incentive built in, plus you’ll be able to skip weeks without losing any shares.

Shares are sold on a first come, first serve basis. We sign up returning members first, and then offer the remaining slots to the public. Once you send us your application we’ll send you payment instructions if we are able to accommodate you.

Pick up Details

Pick up at the FICA space at ECAC (located at 733 Euclid St NW, near Howard University) from 5 – 8 on Thursdays.

Three Part Harmony Farm is an urban farm located in northeast DC. We grow a huge variety of herbs, flowers, vegetables, and fruits but are limited in growing many of our favorites such as melon, potatoes, winter squash, sweet potatoes, etc that require more space and time in the ground. To round out the share, we work with other local farmers who supply items we don’t grow, and also supply items that are available at different times of the year when our harvest season has a gap due to weather changes. This results in a fuller array of produce available to our members. We’ll introduce you to our rural partners at the beginning of the season and let you know each week who is growing each item. When possible we offer non-produce items as well such as local eggs, mushrooms, honey, medicinal herbs, and flowers.

Each week, the farmers harvest enough produce to bring to the pick up site with the goal of providing each household a bag of locally grown items that will make 2 – 4 meals each week. Some items are bunched, such as radishes and carrots, and other items you weigh yourselves, such as kale and lettuce. We try to give a lot of choice at the pick up so that you can try new vegetables but once you know you don’t like them, you can opt for something else. We do forage, include weeds, and teach you about eating parts of the vegetable that are tasty but maybe you didn’t know were edible like sweet potato greens!

Specially Designed for District residents
I know- in DC we get caught late at work unexpectedly, we travel a lot, and we don’t want to waste vegetables. Don’t worry- our 23 week season is spread out over 33 weeks so there is no pressure to come each week. We give you a punch card to help all of us keep track of how many weeks you’ve come. This also makes it easy to send someone else to pick up your share when you are traveling, if you want to give your friends, family or neighbors a chance to try it out without making the full season commitment. You don’t have to tell me when you are not coming, we donate all of the left overs and factor in for that extra buffer each week.

For more information about CSAs click here.

Vegetable CSA: what to expect.