Whatever the calendar says, I can only be in today

This weather has all of us confused about what day it is, and what season we think it should be. The other day I took my long underwear out from a very brief period of storage because I certainly thought it was cold enough to bundle up at the farm. But when I stepped out of the house and got on my bike I passed more than one person in shorts and flip flops. I guess because the calendar said it was the end of March that justified this kind of outfit?

All I know is, no matter what the calendar says, I can only be in whatever day it is when I wake up.

Have you noticed that the cherry blossoms are incredibly beautiful this year? I don’t often get to the mall, but a lovely ring of cherry trees lines the parking lot near the basilica, which is part of my daily commute. It was so unexpected because we were told that there would be such a huge loss due to the weather.

The sight of these blossoms the last few days reminds me to stay in the present moment and appreciate what we have, instead of pining for all of the beautiful ones that fell to the ground during the big storms. If only I could just apply that lesson to my disappointment when the lettuce and spinach seeds got snowed on and I had to re seed the beds 🙁

But April is one of our biggest, and best months at the farm and we have so many exciting things going on to be grateful for. Between the start of the CSA, the beginning of planting season for our home gardeners, fun times during our volunteer work days, and getting ready for a busy market season to come, there is barely a fleeting moment to admire those blossoms during the zippy bike rides around town.

Stay grounded,