Rooting DC

On Saturday, February 23, 2013, Three Part Harmony Farm participated in Rooting DC, a forum about urban food production and consumption. We had a great time networking with new and old allies, we participated in workshops, discussions and set up a table at the information fair.

Many thanks to Favianna Rodriguez for letting us use her amazing artwork for the Three Part Harmony banner, that we painted the night before the forum.

Cooking for Self Determination

Cooking for Self Determination – poster by Favianna Rodriguez

A few years ago, Favianna collaborated with Bryant Terry, author of Vegan Soul Kitchen, on a set of posters dealing with food justice. The postersĀ Green Our Communities and Cooking for Self Determination are available for sale on Favianna’s webpage.

Connecting with so many great people who were interested in urban farming was really energizing. Three Part Harmony Farm is part of a community that grows, sells and eats healthy food. Urban Farming in Washington, DC contributes to food security and food safety by increasing the amount of fresh vegetables and fruits available to people in DC. Local food production through urban farming saves energy and promotes food sovereignty by taking a step towards breaking the dependence on a fragile and increasingly unwieldy global food system.

Three Part Harmony Farm is growing a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and flowers using organic production techniques. We are currently taking orders for seedlings that are growing in our greenhouse.

Our products are grown for everyday people who care about providing healthy food for their families. The farm is an integral part of a vibrant multinational, multicultural city and has a strong long-term presence in the community. We collaborate with small start-ups and nonprofits that share a broader vision of self-sustaining, cooperatively run projects and engage the community around the environment, food, and health while utilizing vacant plots and creating local jobs.