Photos and Videos

The farm community includes some incredibly talented photographers and videographers, who share their photos and videos with us. Many thanks to Eddie Becker, Helina Chen, Tyler Grigsby, Kirstin Voss and many others who have contributed their work. Watch the videos and view photos from the farm on our Instagram and Flickr pages.

Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet

A 17-minute documentary highlighting the role of industrial agriculture in climate change while expounding on how small farmers are combating the climate crisis through regenerative organic agriculture. Support small and family scale farmers at home and abroad. Watch the video here.

A visit to Three Part Harmony Farm with Veronica Johnson of ABC’s Good Morning Washington

Veronica Johnson, a reporter with ABC’s news program Good Morning Washington, visited Three Part Harmony Farm and Alison from Why Hunger, to learn more about the farm and Why Hunger’s mission to “end hunger and poverty by connecting people to nutritious, affordable food and by supporting grassroots solutions that inspire self-reliance and community empowerment.” Watch the video here.

csa-16x9smAny day is a good day to join the Three Part Harmony Farm CSA

Watch members of the Three Part Harmony Farm Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program talk about why they made a financial investment in Three Part Harmony Farm and support urban farming in Washington, DC. The clips were filmed during the 2016 Fall Festival. Watch the video and get inspired to join our CSA and to receive seasonal, farm fresh produce from us on a weekly basis. It is an important way to support the local food movement. Watch the video here.

MykieintheRawHype for my First CSA Haul

Three Part Harmony Farm is part of a community that grows, sells and eats healthy food. Foodie and Three Part Harmony 2016 Season CSA member Mykie runs the YouTube channel MykieintheRaw, where Mykie talks about health, lifestyles, spirituality, culture, and also about the first CSA haul in 2016. In the video, Mikey explains our multi-farm CSA model, and shares two delicious recipes for the produce in the share. The first meal is an Eggplant BLT, the second a Matcha Mint Smoothie. Watch the video here.

farmtourFarm Tour during the 4th Annual Fall Festival

The 4th Annual Farm Festival included a farm tour during which Three Part Harmony Farm (3PH) owner/ operator Gail Taylor talked about the history of the farm, the different sustainable planting practices that are being utilized, the “DC Urban Farming and Food Security Act of 2014” and the three year struggle to make urban farming in DC a reality, the 3PH Community Supported Agriculture program and more. Local historian and videographer Eddie Becker participated in and filmed the tour. Watch the video here.

Drip Tape Irrigation

In 2015, we transitioned from using mostly overhead irrigation to a drip irrigation system. By delivering water near the plants’ root zone, our new drip irrigation system offers targeted watering with greater efficiency for healthier plants, outstanding water savings, and it frees up the farm staff for other tasks. This project was made possible by funding from our community for capital improvements. 87 people backed our Indigogo crowdfunding campaign with $10,539, we received an additional $2,485 in cash and check donations. Click to view photos of the installation process.

3rdannualRooted and Sustained by Community Since 2012

Three Part Harmony Farm’s 3rd annual farm festival in 2015 included a beautiful, collaborative mural art project that was coordinated by Caryl Henry Alexander and sponsored by Eco Hermanas. In addition to creating a mural together, people shared a potluck meal, planted garlic, created poetry, played DC Fair Food Games, listened to music, and enjoyed fellowship and warm cider around the bonfire. It has been an amazing three years with an amazing farm community. Watch the video here.

gailvideoThree Part Harmony Farm provides a healthy ecosystem for bees, insects, our community, and our future

Both native bees and domestic bee populations are declining, affected by habitat loss, disease and contact with pesticides. Three Part Harmony Farm is taking action to protect pollinators by providing food and habitat for native insects/animals. Pollinators will, in turn, provide the pollination needed to protect our plant diversity and food sources. Three Part Harmony Farm is certified as “Bee Friendly Farm” and provides a healthy ecosystem for our community and our future. Watch the video here.

sefCommunity Farming Alliance (CFA) at the DC Solidarity Economy Summit

In DC and around the world, seeds are being planted for a new kind of economy — one that is rooted in the values of democracy, justice, cooperation, self-determination, and sustainability. At its core, this movement is about democratizing the ownership of the means of production, so more people have control over their lives and communities. Watch the video here.

councilhearinggailTestimony by Gail Taylor at the DC Council Hearing on Urban Farming & Food Security Act of 2014

Testimony by Gail Taylor, owner and operator of Three Part Harmony Farm, during the joint public hearing of the Committee of the Whole and Committee on Finance and Revenue on Bill 20-677, the “D.C. Urban Farming and Food Security Act of 2014,” with questions by Council Chairman Phil Mendelson and Council member David Grosso, who introduced the bill together with Council member Mary Cheh. Watch the video here.

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