Getting Ready!

The days are getting longer and spring is just around the corner! You wouldn’t believe that by looking at the snow¬†on the ground, but we do have some incredibly beautiful, sunny days that offer blue sky longer into the evening. Last week we began the process of cleaning out the greenhouse, sanitizing the trays, and testing the new germination shed so that we can begin seeding the earliest of the 2014 crops. It’s easier and cheaper to “recycle” the plastic trays from one year to the next, but we don’t take lightly our commitment to use as little oil as possible and that includes re-using anything plastic. We sanitize them in vinegar to take out any soil borne diseases they may have picked up last year. It’s tedious but it’s also one of the important small things we can do to demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability.

We’re happy to offer healthy seedlings to the local gardening community again. Collaborating for the second year with Good Sense Farm & Apiary, we’ll produce several thousand seedlings from our tiny little greenhouse and offer them at two special sales. As we get closer to March, we’ll post information about how and where to purchase from us. We know how hard it can be to source good transplants that thrive when you get them home, which is why we started growing our own. Now we plant extra for those who want the same quality and who want to purchase special varieties that are not found at big box stores. That’s the local touch!