Lettuce Take the Power Back: Growing your own food is a subversive activity!

Taking control over your own food supply, means taking power over your diet, your health, and your pocketbook. At the same time you are taking power away from corporations that are destroying our seed and soil, our water and land, our climate, our health, and biodiversity.

DC-grown guaranteed pesticide free vegetable seedlings from Three Part Harmony Farm are available at Annie’s Ace Hardware – Petworth and at Annie’s Ace Hardware – Brookland.

“We have alternatives that protect the Earth, protect our farmers, and protect our health and nutrition. To occupy the food system means simultaneously resisting corporate control and building sustainable and just alternatives, from the seed to the table. One seed at a time, one farm at a time, one meal at a time — we must break out of corporate food dictatorship and create a vibrant and robust food democracy.” – Vandana Shiva