Overjoyed and overflowing with Gratitude!

I fell asleep last night to the sound of fireworks exploding in the distance.

I woke up this morning, wrapped in the warm, loving embrace of the entire Three Part Harmony Farm community who so generously contributed to a crowdfunding campaign for us to finally get POWER at the farm.

The babies always get it right: celebrate by playing on a pile of compost! Photo by Tyler Grigsby, Fall Festival 2015

Today I find myself brimming with so many feelings.

First of all: one of humility. I believe in what the farm does every day to create a thriving ecosystem in DC and provide nourishment for our neighbors. And yet, I obviously couldn’t do it with out the support of this community.

Second: one of excitement! January is planning time at the farm. The fact that this season’s planning time offers the security of knowing that whatever crop plan I make, our refrigeration and electricity needs will be taken care of is just so incredible. My arm is numb from so much pinching.

Finally: one of affirmation. Every so often my mind recalls glimpses of the original plans I made up in 2011, the year before we broke ground and planted the first tomato on the oblate property. I am compelled to shed tears of joy to see how many of those plans came true. I am beside myself to have so many of you show me that you believe in the dream too.

Some of you were brought into this farmily through the solar panel fundraising campaign: welcome! But most of you have already supported the farm before, and I know you will continue to do so.

Ours is an enduring relationship, and I am both overjoyed and overflowing with gratitude in this moment.

We have enough – Now it is time to get back to our regularly scheduled program

We met our goal and I am excited to get to work choosing the right contractor and partnering with folks in the DC Government to see if we can create a pathway for the other farms in our city to be powered by the sun as well.

But I am most eager to get back to my regularly scheduled program of growing vegetables.

We will not be accepting any more donations to the GoFundMe campaign now that we have reached our goal. We have enough.

I will keep the PayPal donation button on our website. For those of you who have signed up to be monthly sustainers: thank you. To everyone who contributes throughout the year and wish to continue doing so: thank you. Those donations will, as before, go into the pool of money that supports the vegetable donations we make throughout the season.

There is also another, not as publicized land fund. This year I am actively pursuing an opportunity to be part of a Black owned land base to expand 3PH growing capacity, for Earthbound Building to have a workshop, and for the Black Dirt Farm Collective to host Afroecology gatherings. If you are interested in donating land and/ or a large sum of money to our group, please feel free to contact me or Blain Snipstal directly. I presume we can figure out a way to accept stock, bitcoin, or other assets in addition to currency and land.

In the meantime: if the giving bug got in your system and you want to be part of supporting more amazing Black Farmers and rad organizations to continue leveraging our community power to create a new, just world, I’ve put links to a couple of causes you can read more about, below:

Land Base Jawns is an organization rooted first and foremost in spirit and the spiritual practices of our ancestors. We feel called to provide education and training to Black women on agriculture, survival + self-defense, carpentry, and self + community healing. Ashley Gripper is the campaign organizer, and collaborates with BDFC member Chef Dobson.

Black Dirt Farm Collective A collective of ✊?farmers, educators, scientists, agrarians, seed keepers, organizers, and researchers guiding a political education process. We are long overdue to host an Afroecology Encounter: 2021 are you ready?

Earthbound Building Worker-Owned Construction Cooperative Designing and Building Ecological, Affordable and Durable Buildings and Homes for Farmers and Rural Landowners. Earthbound built our walk in cooler and our wash station.

Deep Roots Farm is a regenerative ”O”, women owned and operated farm located in Brandywine and Upper Marlboro, MD.  They grow vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers, and raise chickens on 50 acres for the community. They have a crowdfunding campaign to build a pole barn on their new property. Sales from the “Black Farmers Matter” shirts go towards the campaign.

Black Mama Bailout You don’t have to wait until Mother’s Day to donate to the National Bail Out Collective. Funds raised for the Mama’s Day Bail Outs are so that we can bail out as many Black Mamas and caregivers as we can so they can spend Mother’s Day with their families where they belong! The National Bail Out Collective also provides fellowship and employment opportunities for those we bail out in order to support their growth and create a national community of leaders who have experienced incarceration. We also work with groups across the country to support ongoing bail reform efforts and create resources for organizers and advocates interested in ending pretrial detention.