Seed Starting Workshop

A group of people, interested in learning the basics of starting vegetables from seed, came together on March 30, 2013 for Three Part Harmony Farm’s Seed Starting Workshop. Three Part Harmony Farm Seed Starting Workshop with Gail Taylor

There are many reasons why plants need to be started indoors, but the act of doing it is fairly straightforward for most kinds of plants. Starting seeds before the last frost gives you a jump start on the season! It also helps you select for the healthiest plants. Some plants are trickier than others to directly seed into your garden so starting them in pots is actually the only way to grow them. Some flowers and herbs or difficult to germinate vegetables have slightly different requirements, but for the most part once you know the basics, that knowledge will come in handy each year until you stop gardening!

In this workshop, Gail explained the basic requirements for the seed and plant that it will become (soil less medium, temperature and water for germination; feeding, watering and light requirements for growing plants). We also discussed what to do with fluctuating spring temps and how to create the ideal conditions if you are doing it in a basement or other location that doesn’t get sun. We made potting soil together, seeded trays, and practiced watering.

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