Buy local from 3PH!

Thanks for buying local! There are a lot of reasons to buy local.

As a locally owned business, we tend to also buy local. That means your purchase power is circulated in a much smaller area than when you shop at a national or international company.

As a locally owned business, we bring our relationships and network in addition to selling you a product, which makes the whole consumer experience much more community oriented.

As a locally owned business, we’re bringing our regional expertise [literally] to the table. When it comes to food and farming, learning how to eat more locally means higher nutrients in the food you eat and automatically means you are living more in tune with the local eco system.

The Farm’s produce is available through the Community Supported Agriculture Program. Find out more info here.

Grocery stores, restaurants, food hubs, personal chefs, buying clubs, and anyone purchasing bulk veggies by the case can order from the wholesale list which is updated no later than Sunday evening of each week. Please contact gail at for more information.

Here’s where you can find those veggies locally:

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