There’s a Spring in Our Step!

Updates from the farm


March is a busy greenhouse seeding and bed prep time, so I appreciate that this year we stretch it over 5 weeks. I know it still has the same number of days as always, but we end up with 10 work days thanks to the way the calendar is laid out.

There’s already more happening at the farm this week than at this time in the preceding two years, which is a nod to the many amazing changes that are in store for us. Seeded in early February (above, top) are the cabbages and cauliflower. I’m trying a new Chinese cabbage that is mini/ personal size. I remember the last time we grew Chinese cabbage at the farm, I had a hard time convincing anyone to take home 5 pounders. They ended up as sauerkraut at No 1 Sons. Hopefully this variety will be a crowd pleaser, sized right for our city lifestyles.

The carrots and peas are in the ground. I decided to take a chance on the peas and get them in the ground a couple of weeks ahead of schedule. I know the cold weather is coming back this weekend, but I hope a double layer of row cover will help them get through this brief little time until warm-is days return.

Other updates below:

Greenhouse repair!

During one of the wind storms this winter, the two back windows were blowing up and down so violently that it pulled two of the plexiglass panels out of their track. I ordered 3 replacement parts from the manufacturer and Alex and D’Real came to the rescue on a cold, cloudy day. You have to take everything apart and work backwards to make repairs to this structure, which is why one side got taken down to the bare bone

s before finally being put back together again (left.) I guess it’s kind of like humpty dumpty. I delayed seeding 10 trays by one week, but we will get back on track this week.


Garlic for miles!

I’m so excited to welcome back one of our signature crops – hardneck garlic!

We skipped planting garlic in fall 2020 which normally gets planted during the fall festival.

To make up for not having any last year, I made sure to order enough seed to triple our regular planting which means there is an entire block (8 beds) planted in garlic plus an additional bed planted just for garlic scallions.

That should be enough to have garlic in almost every CSA share plus save our own seed this season.