Three Part Harmony Farm – Rooted and Sustained by Community Since 2012

Three Part Harmony Farm’s 3rd annual farm festival in 2015 included a beautiful, collaborative mural art project that was coordinated by Caryl Henry Alexander and sponsored by Eco Hermanas. In addition to creating a mural together, people shared a potluck meal, planted garlic, created poetry, played DC Fair Food Games, listened to music, and enjoyed fellowship and warm cider around the bonfire. It has been an amazing three years with an amazing farm community.

Videographer and filmmaker Jordan Mendys filmed the farm festival and created this awesome film about the farm. Check out the amazing photos that Tyler Grigsby took:

Three Part Harmony Farm grows vegetables, flowers, herbs and fruit on a two acre plot in DC. We are using sustainable practices, without chemical pesticides or herbicides. Grow with us.

We offer a community-supported agriculture program, a locally based economic model of agriculture and food distribution. It’s a relationship between the community and the farmer. Members pay in advance to pick up a share of the harvest throughout the growing season. Selling our produce before the season begins, allows us to focus on the actual farm work. You gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing how and where your food is grown.

Food and justice for all. We donate produce to soup kitchens and food pantries that redistribute food to people in need. We also work on campaigns to create more equity in the food system.

Three Part Harmony Farm has an active work exchange program where people can work in exchange for fresh produce from the farm.

Local food production through urban farming saves energy and promotes food sovereignty by taking a step towards breaking the dependence on a fragile and increasingly unwieldy global food system. We’re committed to help grow new farms and farmers in DC, and to support Black and People of Color owned farms throughout the US. We collaborate with other like-minded enterprises to see our city thrive socially and economically.

Connect with us at or 202-427-7146