Welcome to the 2016 Season

Happy New Year!

People have been asking me what happens at the farm when there is snow on the ground. I think the snow covered fields are peaceful, almost blissful. After a major storm I count my blessings if nothing collapsed or blew away.

thanks Sonal for checking in on the farm!

thanks Sonal for checking in on the farm!

Also, this is the time of year to make plans for what to do when the snow melts.

First: I’m taking applications for the 2016 season to work with us.

Next: I’ve also opened up the CSA registration for our 2016 season which will go from early April to mid November.

I leave today for my second farm conference – headed to Southern SAWG in Kentucky. Earlier this month I spoke on a panel at Future Harvest/ CASA in College Park, MD. And save the date: rooting DC is coming up on February 27th. The winter is time to learn new tricks to try out!

Making plans for the season involves working out the logistics and checking the calendar to pick the 33 harvest dates of the year. It means buying supplies, cleaning and sharpening tools, updating spreadsheets, improving budgets, networking with other farmers, and finally on February 15th getting the first seedlings in the germination chamber.

What’s new this year?

We’ll have a spring event this year, in addition to the annual fall festival. Tea time with tulips will take place on a saturday afternoon in late april- date TBD. This fall we planted 1100 tulip bulbs along the 4th street fence, so I figured it would be a good reason to open our gates this spring and invite folks to see the blooms up close.

Tours: I’ve been getting a lot of requests for tours of the farm. I’m going to try to figure out how we can offer tours during some of our work days this year. We’ll have tickets available in advance so that we can keep the number manageable, but keep a few tickets available for passersby in the neighborhood who want to visit their closest farm. If you have a group that wants to volunteer and get a tour as part of that experience, we already do that 6 times a year.